Commercial Operators


All commercial operators must:

  1. Gain a permit from the Te Rawhiti Enterprises Ltd prior to dicing the wreck. Commercial Operators diving on the wreck without a permit are trespassing and will be prosecuted.

  2. Enter Deep Water Cove from the northern end by Putahataha Island.

  3. Not follow dolphins in the Cove as it is a designated resting area.

  4. Carry a current license, be OSH compliant and adhere to Industry standards taking into account; diver numbers, safety standards, safety equipment, MSA certified.

  5. Not allow any person to penetrate the wreck without appropriate qualification or qualified guide

  6. Moor all vessels to buoys provided for a maximum time of 90 minutes.

Sea anemones on the Canterbury Dive Wreck Green lip muscle at Canterbury Dive Wreck

Official Operators Licensing Programme – Fees

There are several factors differentiating the Canterbury wreck from past wrecks within New Zealand that have contributed to the current Commercial Operator costs.

Primarily, Northland’s Local Government have not been able to match the financial contribution that other hulk-sinking groups have received from their respective local governments. In addition, the Canterbury Project has not received as much financial backing by private sector due to the short time period from purchase of the hulk to scuttling day. An enormous unforeseen bio-security cost incurred have significantly pushed the cost up. This is a fully managed dive site to ensure the upkeep of the hulk to a high standard: upkeep of moorings and marketing of the attraction have been designed to benefit Northland and Commercial Dive Operators. In addition, Resource Consent demands marine studies every 3 months and ongoing bio-security requirements of the area. And finally, as part of the Tender the a commitment to benefit the Far North District through Educational and Business-Initiative Scholarships must be upheld.

But it’s worth it! – despite the enormous price tag the Canterbury Hulk is on it’s way to become a major tourist attraction – one that will bring reward for all.

There are three registration options:

For whom? Cost
For operators of vessels with a combined survey for 11 people or more The annual fee is $3,000.00 including GST
For operators of vessels with a combined survey for 10 people or less The annual fee is $1,000.00 including GST
A 4 day consecutive pass for non-regular operators per vessel $100.00 inc. GST

A surcharge of $5.00 per diver per day (applicable to all registration categories) will apply.

To pay the surcharge simply download the Official Operator Surcharge Form at the beginning of each month, fill it in as you go and at the end of each month post or email it back to the T.R.E. with your payment (made either by cheque or electronically).

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Te Rawhiti Enterprises Ltd. (T.R.E.)


T.R.E. remains the owner of the hulk. Consequences for commercial operators who do not comply with terms and conditions of the trust will be banned from entering the hulk or tying up to hulk mooring buoys, and will be PROSECUTED. Registration is non-refundable. While the site is monitored, any photographic evidence of operators not complying with terms and conditions of T.R.E sent to: is welcomed.