The Bell

HMNZS Canterbury Bell

The NZ Navy gifted the Bell from the HMNZS Canterbury to Te Rawhiti Marae, on permanent loan. The Marae is the kaitiaki of this Bell. It is a significant gift which is rarely given – the bells from de-commissioned ships usually stay in Navy Museums.  The navy decided to do this to reciprocate our gift to them of the hoe whakairo (carved paddle) Urupukapuka presented on the signing over day at Devonport. The hoe was carved by Kaumatua Moka Puru.

The Bell is extremely valuable and is the focus of avid collectors who go to great lengths to acquire Ship parts for re-sale. Because of this it will be held away from Te Rawhiti in very secure premises until the Marae is able to provide an equally secure facility in the new parts of the building.